How to check if SpeedStep is enabled :

Open Terminal :

  • PStates
ioreg -lw0 | grep PerformanceStateArray
  • CStates
ioreg -lw0 | grep CSTInfo

If Terminal returns something, it is OK !

How to check if QE/CI is enabled :

Use Quartz Extrem Check

Dual Boot with Win7 :

See Xene's post

Kernel Panic on Boot :

VoodooHDA issue :

  • Try "KextUtility" instead of "pfix"
  • or place VoodooHDA.kext in /SL/E/ instead of /E/E/ and repair permissions
  • or see Great Gatsby's post

Atheros Wifi issues :

  • 10.6.5 and above : use the latest LegacyX60t.kext (old version panics with 10.6.5 and later)
  • 10.6.8 and above : restore /System/Library/SystemConfiguration/Apple80211Monitor.bundle from 10.6.7

Install OSX without access to a Mac