10.6.X on X60/T60/X61 (CoreDuo,Core2Duo/GMA950,GMA3100)

What you need:

  • Snow Leopard 10.6 Retail DVD (29$ only !)
  • 8 Go USB Key ("USB Key")
  • 2,5 External HDD ("HDD Snow")
  • Mac/Hack under 10.5/10.6 ("MacOSX")
  • This Folder : MacPNT Package (current version is "2011 02 15")

(I've made a BootCD_MacPNT (X60 with a 10.6.0 Retail DVD) if you don't have a Mac/Hack or a 8GB USB Key and if you don't need MBR … Just follow the "Step 2" of iBoot guide and come back to "First Boot")

Custom Package

  • If you have a CoreDuo and a GMA950 : you don't have to modify anything ! You can go to the step 1) !
  • If you have a Core2Duo and a GMA950 : use the "X60 (Core2Duo / GMA950)" files.
    - Replace "DSDT.aml" and smbios.plist in /Extra
    - Replace "LegacyX60T.kext" in /Extra/Extensions
  • If you have a Core2Duo and a GMA3100 : use the "X61 (Core2Duo / GMA3100)" files.
    - Replace DSDT.aml and smbios.plist in /Extra
    - Delete "LegacyX60T.kext" and "VoodooHDA.kext" from /Extra/Extensions
    - Copy "LegacyX61T.kext" and "Intel82566MM.kext" in /Extra/Extensions
    - Copy "AppleHDA.kext" in /System/Library/Extensions/

Step 1) USB Key

  • On "MacOSX"
  • Format the "USB Key" (HFS+) and the "HDD Snow" (HFS+)
  • Restore Snow Leopard 10.6 Retail DVD on the "USB Key" (with disk utility)
  • Copy /MacPNT folder on "USB Key"
  • Install "Chameleon RC4-AsereBLN-1.1.9" ON THIS "USB KEY" (be careful this could damage your own hardware)
  • Copy (or replace) /Extra folder from the package to the "USB Key" root folder
  • If you need a MBR partition table :
    - Launch "ShowAllFiles" and select "Show"
    - Replace:
    — "OSInstall.mpkg" in Volumes/"USB Key"/System/Installation/Packages
    — "OSInstall" in /Volumes/"USB Key"/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Install.framework/Frameworks/OSInstall.framework/Versions/A/
    - Launch once again "ShowAllFiles" and select "Hide"
    Note :The files of the packages are made for a 10.6.0 Retail DVD, and for a 10.6.3 Retail DVD
  • Run "pfix" or "Kext Utility" and select your "USB Key"

Step 2) 10.6 Installation

Step 3) First Boot

  • On "MacOSX"
  • Install "Chameleon RC4-AsereBLN-1.1.9" ON THE "HDD SNOW" (be careful this could damage your own hardware)
  • Copy /Extra on the "HDD Snow" partition with the one from the package
  • Copy /MacPNT somewhere on "HDD Snow"
  • Run "pfix" or "Kext Utility" on the "HDD Snow" partition
  • Reboot on the "HDD Snow" partition

Update 10.6.X

  • Download the "Combo Update 10.6.X"
  • Run "pfix" or "Kext Utility"
  • Reboot

(Successfully tested with 10.6.1, 10.6.2, 10.6.3v1.1, 10.6.4, 10.6.5, 10.6.6, 1.6.7…beware of 10.6.8)
Note: if you use "AppleHDA.kext" in /S/L/E/ replace it after each update before reboot and repair permissions …


  • Turn off "use secured virtual memory" in System Preferences->Security ( to get rid of an annoying starting message "Error 192 …")
  • Turn On "startup automatically after a power failure" in System Preferences->Energy Saver
  • Install "SleepWatcher" and "SleepWatcher Startup Items"
  • Copy "rc.sleep" and "rc.wakeup" in /etc/
  • Open "Terminal":

chmod +X /etc/rc.sleep
chmod +X /etc/rc.wakeup

  • Reboot

Temperatures and Fan Control

  • Copy the "DSDT.aml" file corresponding to your computer in /Extra/
  • Copy "FakeSMC.kext" in E/E/
  • Install "iStat v2"
  • Run "pfix" or "Kext Utility"
  • Reboot